Alpha Optics Add-On Reflector for Hydroponics


Alpha Optics Add-On Reflector Alpha Optics Add-on reflectors to minimise wall losses. Made from Miro 95 hammered mirrors (95% reflection). The add-on reflectors are installed on the adjustable side reflectors. The (no-overlapping) add-on reflectors are necessary when only one row of reflectors is installed.

Every trick in the book has been utilized by the Alpha Optics 98 Reflector to direct light output down towards your precious plants. It consists of super shiny 98% reflective Miro Silver aluminium and adopts a remarkably effective shape that conforms to the Single Bounce Clear Sight principle (SBCS), only letting light waves hit the surface once before carefully guiding them past your lamp and over the plant canopy.

Item # Description Price Points  
DLLSNO Alpha Optics Add-on Reflector - Long Side (no overlapping) - 2p Was $34.95$31.95 30 Add to Cart
DLLSO Alpha Optics Add-on Reflector - Long Side (overlapping) - 2p Was $34.95$31.95 30 Add to Cart
DLRSS Alpha Optics Add-on Reflector - Short Side - 2p Was $34.95$31.95 30 Add to Cart
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