Bio Nova BN X-cel Nutrients for Hydroponics


BN X-ceL is a biological growing and flowering stimulator, which can be administered to all sorts of plants and significantly increases the quantity and quality of all tested crops. This sophisticated combination of components stimulates the bio-chemical functions on all levels. The organic extracts stimulate the metabolism, in particular the photosynthesis, and consequently the forming of carbohydrates.

Item # Description Price Points  
BNXC250 BN X-cel - 250ML Was $17.69$16.95 10 Add to Cart
BNXC1 BN X-cel - 1L Was $47.79$42.95 40 Add to Cart
BNXC5 BN X-cel - 5L Was $215.99$199.95 200 Ships 4 Free
BNXC20 BN X-cel - 20L Was $810.49$699.95 700 Ships 4 Free
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