NodorWraps for Hydroponics


NodorWraps--WRAP it, STRAP it, FORGET it!--NodorWraps will extend the life of any granular charcoal filter and increase its efficiency for purification. All GrowriteUSA Nodor products use the patented reticulated mineral combinations which offer more efficient and more complete odor control than granular charcoal filters. Simply wrap the NodorWrap around any can-style filter and use the included straps to secure it in place. NodorWraps keep working when traditional charcoal filters die at the worst times! Wrap it up and say goodbye to odor.

Item # Description Price Points  
WR30X12X1253 GrowRiteUSA NodorWraps - 12 x 30-inch Was $114.00$99.95 100 Ships 4 Free
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