UGro XL Grow Media for Hydroponics


The UGro XL coco block, with the addition of 28 liters of water, turns a 5-pound block of dried and pressed UGro standard coconut grit into 70 liters of high-quality coconut substrate with valuable nutrients for your plants. The Coco Block saves space, is economical and doesn't sacrifice any of the valuable nutrients that will help your plants achieve the best growth possible. The coconut substrate is characterized by a low fiber content and consists of finely granulated coconut grit. The large container gives you a unique price advantage. The Coco Block is suitable for all types of plant growing, indoors and outdoors, and particularly recommended for short-term and seasonal breeding cycles.


  • pH: 5.5-6.5
  • EC (1:1,5): ‹0,6 mS/cm
  • Volume: 70 L = 18.5 gallons
  • Net Weight: 5 kg
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