Complete Medium Grow Room Package for Hydroponics


This grow room package provides all the essential tools and equipment required for a near automated and easy to setup indoor grow environment.
6x6ft. to 12x12ft.
Minimum Room Height: 6.5ft.
Lighting System:
Our HID Grow Light kit includes a heavy duty air cooled hood (3 year warranty), the Yield Lab Digital Dimming Ballast (3 year warranty), a high pressure sodium bulb (1 year warranty) for the flowering and blossoming stage, and a metal halide bulb (1 year warranty) for the growing and vegetating stage. All necessary electrical cords and hanging accessories are included.
Mylar film is added for added reflectivity to provide the most light for your garden. With 99% reflectivity, it ensures efficient light distribution maximizing your value and energy.
Climate Control:
What makes a great indoor garden climate is creating the right consistent temperature and humidity. We provide two high output fans to pull in fresh cool air and exhaust the heat out of your grow room. These fans are controlled through a temperature sensor unit that slows down or speed fans up whenever appropriate. We have rounded it out by including an air filter and an 16” oscillating fan.
Hydroponic System:
Many hydroponic setups can become too expensive or even clunky. The Versa Grow Hydroponic System is a perfect easy to install and easy to use drip system. A timer as well as a water pump is included for an automated water feeding system. A large 21 gallon basin reservoir and all the tubing included. Grow medium is not included.
Master Nutrients:
Humboldt Nutrients Master A&B: A premium two-part fertilizer program designed for all plants made with non-toxic, high quality ingredients. Humboldt Nutrients has formulated this vigorous 2-part nutrient solution for use on any plant, in any growing medium and contains no EDTA’s. The Humboldt Nutrients team of chemists and agronomists emphasize balance and consistency with all our formulas. Master A and Master B are formulated to provide your favorite plants with higher absorption of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The Master A and Master B series stands apart from your standard base nutrient line by making macro and micro nutrients more available to your plant. Used in conjunction with Humboldt Nutrients’ powerful additives such as Ginormous and White Widow, we assure that your yields and quality will increase so dramatically that your friends will call you, simply, “The Master.”
EZ CO2 for an increased yield and greater size fruits and flowers. Remember to increase temperatures 10-15 degrees when using CO2 and only use it during day time lighting schedules.
Benefits of an Indoor Garden:
Dramatically reduce uncontrollable factors such as rain, cold weather, cloudy days, pests, poor soil, etc.
Spoil your garden with everything it needs, increasing their yield potential and achieving excellent results with half the time and effort.
A near automated system allows for a plug and play aspect to gardening.

Complete Groom Room Package Includes:
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Lighting System-
(400w) (600w) (1000w)
2x 6" Air Cooled Hood
2x Yield Lab Digital Dimming Ballast
2x Yield Lab HPS Bulb
2x Yield Lab MH Bulb
2x Rope Ratchet Assembly Pair
2x 24Hr 120V Mechanical Timer
1x Sunbounce Reflective 2 mil Mylar Film (50"x50')
Climate Control-
1x 6" Charcoal Filter
2x 6" High Output 440 CFM Air Duct Fan
1x 6"x25' Insulated Foil Ducting Ventilation
1x 24 Hr 120V 8-Way Power Strip Timer
1x Yield Lab Digital Thermo Hydrometer
1x LTL Speed - Day/Night Fan Controller
1x Gro1 18" Wall Fan
Grow System-
2x Versa Grow Hydroponic Drip System
1x X Nutrients pH Up/Down Set (1 Quart each)
1x Prestige PH Meter
1x Prestige PPM Meter
1x Premium Humboldt Nutrient 2-Part Program
1x EZ CO2 Bag

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