Bio Nova N 27 for Hydroponics


This product contains 27% nitrogen (N), of which 13% NO3, 7% NH4, and 7% NH2. Besides nitrogen, N 27 also contains 1% Magnesium (MgO) and the trace elements iron, manganese and copper. The importance of nitrogen should be a well-known fact for all cultivators. Nitrogen is quantitatively speaking the most important fertilizer as it is, e.g. the primary substance of proteins (amino acids) and chlorophyll. Furthermore, nitrogen appears in the chromosomes (nuclei), DNA and vitamins. It also plays a significant role in the plant’s osmoses regulation.

Item # Description Price Points  
N250 N 27 - 250ML Was $10.79$9.95 10 Add to Cart
N1 N 27 - 1L Was $19.75$17.95 10 Add to Cart
N5 N 27 - 5L Was $82.50$74.95 70 Ships 4 Free
N20 N 27 - 20L Was $299.00$269.95 200 Ships 4 Free
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