Humalogic for Hydroponics


Humalogic is a highly concentrated soluble supplement with 55% humic acid. Humic acid is a natural chelating agent that increases the bioavailability of nutrients, maximizing plants’ growing power. Humalogic also naturally buffers growing media to help ensure a safe pH level for plants. Humalogic is perfect as a compost tea or for regular feedings.

Item # Description Price Points  
HL8 Humalogic - 8oz. Was $20.95$18.95 10 Add to Cart
HL16 Humalogic - 16oz. Was $35.50$31.95 30 Add to Cart
HL32 Humalogic - 32oz. Was $69.95$3.00 70 Add to Cart
HL32x2 Humalogic - 64oz. Was $139.95$124.95 100 Ships 4 Free
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