Myco-Fusion GREEN 150 for Hydroponics


GREEN 150 was formulated with the indoor gardener in mind. Delivering multiple endomycorrhizal species and a variety of compatible bio-based organisms in one power packed product is the result of over 17 years in the business of commercially producing mycorrhizal fungi. No other group in the U.S. has a longer track record. Green 150 is a dry inoculant that can be used in soil or as a dusting agent prior to planting.

Item # Description Price Points  
MFG1# Myco-Fusion GREEN 150 - 1lb. Was $39.95$35.95 30 Add to Cart
MFG2# Myco-Fusion GREEN 150 - 2lbs. Was $74.95$69.95 70 Ships 4 Free
MFG4# Myco-Fusion GREEN 150 - 4lbs. Was $139.95$125.95 100 Ships 4 Free
MFG50# Myco-Fusion GREEN 150 - 50lbs. Was $1,596.00$1,399.95 1400 Ships 4 Free
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