36 Watt Advanced Spectrum MAX ALL BLUE 3w-Chip LED Grow Bulb


Our 36 Watt Advance Spectrum MAX All Blue 3w Chip LED grow light bulb is a great light for supplementing absorbable light for the vegging stage plant growth! Say you're using HID, CFLs, or even other LED grow lights, this bulb will be great for filling in any gaps in light around your plant during its vegging cycle. The 90 degree lens on each diode helps spread coverage of light throughout your garden, and helps with growing herbs and chilis when used on its own. If you need a little more light in your growing area around your vegging plants, or if you're looking to grow smaller plants that do not need to bloom, check out the 36w all blue LED grow light bulb today!
All Blue LED bulbs are most influencial during the vegging stage, and can grow smaller plants on their own.
Designed to give off little to no heat.
Lights can be set as close to the plant as needed without any fear of plant damage.
Perfect for indoor growing.

Power Supply: AC110 12W
Output Voltage: 36V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
LED Qty: 12pcs
Wavelength: Blue: 430nm
Working Temperature: -30-60 degree Celsius
Working Humidity: Less than 95%
Lighting Coverage: 0.66 Ft - 6.6 Ft
Recommended Height: 1Ft - 3Ft

Specific Distance and Lighting Coverage:
Distance to Plants / Lighting Coverage
20inch / 2-4/5 square feet
40inch / 4 square feet
60inch / 5-3/5 square feet
80inch / 7 square feet

Package Includes:
1x 36 Watt Advance Spectrum All Blue LED Grow Light Bulb

One Year Warranty against manufacture defects.

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